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Informed prospecting for Leaders Romans Group

Spectre have been collaborating with leading property market intelligence analysts, Dataloft, on a number of shared clients over the last 12 months.

The reason for this collaboration is simple. Putting together Dataloft Inform’s award-winning market insight and Spectre’s award-winning prospecting data allows their clients to take advantage of a super-charged, intelligent and successful prospecting solution.

Leaders Romans template using the power of Spectre and Dataloft

Client Problem

As clients of both Spectre and Dataloft Inform, Leaders Romans Group had two things they wanted support with.

  1. Leaders Romans Group were keen to vary the content on their prospecting letters by sharing useful and relevant market insight
  2. They wanted a simple solution that would work across both pieces of software


With a strong relationship already in place, Spectre and Dataloft worked closely together to find a solution. Firstly, Dataloft created a range of ‘insight-led’ prospecting letters on their online platform, Inform. These are available through to postcode sector and customisable with the client’s branding and colours. 

Spectre and Dataloft then worked out a two-stage solution for clients. The first involved creating a set of simple instructions and a video for showing how to download letters from Inform, upload them to Spectre and finally, send out. The second will be to integrate the two systems, with clients being able to access the letters and relevant stats for their area within Spectre via the Inform API. 

Results and Stats

Working together, Spectre and Dataloft were able to devise a simple solution that enabled a much smoother experience for their clients.

With Leaders Romans Group, across 9 branches, they saw an average ROI of 2131.00%

“The range of smart and insightful property market content on Inform helps us to stand out as an expert in our market. By combining the content with Spectre we create canvassing letters with a difference that produce results and the variety of options in Inform allows us to use the content across email marketing, valuations, social media and for highly professional office materials.” 

Carly Sullivan, Sales Manager, Leaders Clacton

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